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Experience CodeNOW, the Gartner recognized Cloud Software Delivery & DevOps Platform, and gain visibility and control over what your teams deliver.

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  • Some features are limited due to shared cluster usage
  • With limited CPU performance


Create, test, deploy, and monitor cloud native applications — with a unified user interface


Learn and practice microservices architectures, concepts, and patterns — in the actual cloud


Quickly assemble a complex application — using ready-to-deploy, frequently used building blocks.

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CodeNow helps everyone involved in software delivery

CTOs and Technical Managers

CodeNOW enables your whole organisation to develop for cloud from day 1, optimizes the vendor management and increases development effectivity by removing the infrastructure waiting times. Going cloud-native is good for tech.

CEOs and Business people

CodeNOW improves margins by automation and minimizing staff costs, accelerates time-to-market and enables your company to stay ahead of competition. Put more into the customer's value and less into operations. CodeNOW partially solves the need for developers worldwide.


Minimize spending on infrastructure tooling, have options in OPEXes, total insight into runcosts and avoid long-term vendor lock-in with CodeNow.

DevOps Engineers

Instead on creating your own in-house delivery platform which will be ultimately tossed out, become a CodeNOW guru and share the cloud-native best practices across your organization with ease.

Software Architects

With CodeNOW you manage remote teams effectively. You can also focus on business logic completely, and omit the technological issues. CodeNOW provides full self-service in DevOps cycle.


Prototype first. Deliver fast. Have functional enterprise-grade Continuous Delivery and Integration from the start. You can even do the DevOps yourself, so why wait with building the next big thing when you can do it now?