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Taming DevOps Complexity: The Power of Platforms

August 10, 2023

In a world deeply entrenched in digital transformation, Charles Betz's observation rings louder than ever: "There's enormous concern about cloud sprawl, because all of a sudden, people are starting to realize that their cloud budgets are unsustainable" . Charles Betz is VP and Research Director at Forrester Research,, he leads Forrester's enterprise architecture (EA) priority and is deeply engaged in researching the transformation of the IT operating model, focusing on the impact of agile, DevOps, and product thinking.  

Betz further cautioned about the ensuing chaos from uncontrolled technology usage:

"If any product team can deploy any cloud they want, use any database they want, any monitoring tool they want, soon, you've got a massive, fragmented, insecure environment with spiraling technical debt and non-value-add variation."

These complexities are among the significant challenges that IT leaders face when managing and scaling their teams and projects. However, with the emergence of DevOps platforms, there's hope for streamlined operations and controlled chaos.

In the current DevOps landscape, technologies like AI, Kubernetes, and Microservices are at the forefront, each bringing their unique complexities. The urgency to manage cloud costs and the implications of tool sprawl and technical debt on productivity and spending has become more apparent. Here, DevOps platforms provide much-needed relief, they help combat technical debt, tool sprawl, and fragmented environments that result from adopting modern technologies. They create a standardized, secure, and less complex environment, boosting productivity and ensuring efficient cloud cost management. Furthermore, these platforms enable the confident implementation of AI by providing transparency and control over IT processes.

Clear visibility into the cloud environment allows IT leaders to make informed decisions about AI adoption and deployment, reducing the associated risks.

This trend of utilizing DevOps platforms to tackle modern IT complexities is gaining significant traction and recognition. For instance, Gartner, a leading IT research and advisory company, has introduced a Magic Quadrant for DevOps platforms for the first time, emphasizing the role of such platforms in managing IT complexities.

So, how can a specific DevOps platform help manage these complexities? Enter CodeNOW. This platform is designed to tackle the challenges mentioned,leveraging open source tools it aligns with the concept of abstracting parts of the development environment, as suggested by Betz, fitting perfectly with the platform's self-service capabilities. CodeNOW significantly reduces tool sprawl and technical debt by automating and streamlining routine tasks, thus advocating for a more sustainable approach to cloud management. CodeNOW has also earned recognition by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for DevOps platforms, a testament to its capabilities.

But what does this mean in a more practical, grounded sense? How can a specific platform help manage these complexities? This is where CodeNOW shines. Providing solutions to manage complexities, this platform offers automated DevOps capabilities that perfectly align with Betz's concept of abstracting parts of the development environment, leveraging the platform's self-service capabilities.

It also significantly reduces tool sprawl and technical debt by automating and streamlining routine tasks, thus advocating for a more sustainable approach to cloud management. It's not just a matter of promise either; CodeNOW's capabilities have been recognized by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant.

Looking towards the future, as platform engineering becomes more prominent in software organizations, such platforms will play an instrumental role in their journeys. By offering tools and workflows for a frictionless self-service experience, they facilitate effective scaling and cloud cost management.

In conclusion, as technology continues to evolve rapidly and DevOps complexities increase, DevOps platforms are becoming an integral part of managing these challenges. They provide transparency, control, and automation, thus empowering IT leaders to navigate their teams and projects confidently in a scalable and sustainable cloud environment. And among these, CodeNOW's offering stands as a reliable and efficient solution for IT leaders looking to conquer cloud complexities.


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