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Release Notes CodeNOW 6.16 – January 2023

Release notes
January 27, 2023

Cancel and re-run builds

CodeNow now lets you cancel running builds and re-run those builds that failed for any particular reason. This eliminates the need to skip a release version of your component. This new feature also brings enhancements to the application and component dashboards where data about the application and components is now displayed more transparently and clear.

Cancel build
Rerun build
Components dashboard

Support for release builds in triggers of CI pipelines.

This new version of CodeNow lets you set up a new trigger type for CI pipelines. You can use these new triggers to build a release version of your components. These builds require versioned components and CodeNow provides you with two options for computing a new version every time the pipeline is triggered. This is fully automated.

Use a simple version pattern describing how versions are created or specify a git branch pattern. CodeNow will deduct the version from your branch name.

Version pattern

Another improvement to managing CI pipeline triggers is the ability to change the order and thus priority of your trigger rules through an easy to use drag-and-drop mechanism.

Last but not least we have added the option to define multiple deployment targets for any single trigger rule. You can now automatically deploy the build result to multiple environments without the need to repeat the build multiple times.

CodeNow takes security seriously and we have enhanced the environment settings so that a user can restrict targeting this environment by a triggered pipeline. For example, you might want to restrict deployment to the production environment for certain trigger builds.

Auto-provisioning certificate for non-wildcard domains

This new feature extends the current custom domain setting by auto-provisioning and renewing the domain certificate. CodeNow, using the cert-manager component, is now able to provision a “let’s encrypt” certificate for your custom domain. As an end user, you no longer need to manually renew certificates for your custom domains.

Upgrade pgadmin

The configuration of the CodeNOW managed component PostgreSQL now contains a new parameter for enabling or disabling PGAdmin. PGAdmin has been upgraded and the existing reconnection issue is solved.

Custom theme for Keycloak managed component

The Keycloak managed component is now customizable using your preferred custom theme allowing you to unify the layout and looks of this identity and access management component.

UI improvements

Based on your valuable feedback, we have implemented a number of improvements in the self-service portal.

The cluster selection option is only available when this information is required.

The permission settings are moving from the header of all resources to the Choose action menu.

The list of environments has a new compact view.

Enhanced commit info is now available in the Build history dashboard.

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