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Release notes CodeNOW 6.8

Release notes
May 24, 2022


MR/PR notifications

All active Merge/Pull requests are now visible in the CodeNow portal. Dashboards of application components and libraries contain the new Merge requests card that provides information about all active Merge/Pull requests on these components. In the header of the portal, there is a new section with notification of active Merge/Pull requests that are waiting for an action from the current user that is logged into the portal.

Support for remote private NuGet repository in CI

The new version of CodeNow provides owners and administrators of accounts the ability to link their private remote NuGet repository to their CodeNow account. These repositories will be used in all pipelines that contain a build tool NuGet to resolve dependencies.

Application activity log

The application activity log is the same report as the user activity log. The only difference is that the resource to which the log is related is not the user but the application.

CSV reports of user and application activity log

The feature brings the possibility to the user to download a CSV report of user/application activity for a defined time period. The raw data would be used for creating custom reports on the customer side.

Support for custom CI pipelines

CodeNow provides the user with a new capability to define his own CI pipelines for every single application component. The user will be able to define a new CI pipeline in the Git repository and the pipeline will be automatically deployed to the runtime environment SSP to provide the user option to choose it in application component detail.

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