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Effective Ways to Avoid Failure in Startup Software Development

February 7, 2023

In January, we held a webinar at JJLake’s innovation hub in Mountain View, California, where CodeNOW's CEO, Petr Svoboda and our partners from Inner Onion shared their expertise with the JJLake community on how to speed up the product release cycle and code delivery for growing companies. The webinar delved into the challenges and opportunities of scaling an enterprise and how using various cloud providers can help streamline the development process.

Accelerating code delivery and improving its quality are key goals that can lead to:

  • Faster product releases.
  • Quicker customer feedback.
  • Faster implementation of new features.
  • More efficient fundraising.

A value stream delivery platform (VSDP) can also significantly shorten the time it takes to onboard new developers, reducing it from 20 days to just 2 days, enabling companies to rapidly integrate new team members and begin working on new projects and features.

We are thrilled that the innovative and cutting-edge venue JJLake Business Center invited us to showcase CodeNOW. Established in 2019, JJLake has a diverse community of over 16,000 members including Asian/Chinese founders, technology startups, and those with cross-border visions. These individuals align well with the resources and support offered by JJLake as they bring unique experiences and perspectives that can benefit from JJLake's mission and programs.

According to Yifu Liu, the executive director of JJLake, the main goal in creating the innovative hub was to support entrepreneurs with cross-border roots. With locations in Silicon Valley, Boston, and Frankfurt, JJLake strives to foster innovation and growth through accelerator programs, community events, investor networks, and global market access. The Pioneer Program, a semi-annual accelerator program for startups with US-Asia vision, is one of the prestigious programs offered by JJLake. Distinguished entrepreneurs will be able to gain access to equity investment, workspace, loan support, R&D credits, and more through the program.

The webinar provided a valuable insight into the advantages of using a value stream delivery platform (VSDP) solution, which streamlines the process of developing cloud native code.

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