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CodeNOW Talks: Navigating Digital Transformation Challenges

December 27, 2022

Accelerating Digital Transformation is like climbing a high mountain.

Reaching the summit can be a mind-blowing experience; you need to know what to expect at every step of your journey and be aware of the danger you might face.
Our guys have been up and down the highest mountains several times in different types of weather. We want to share their experiences, advice, and knowledge, show how smoothly reaching the clouds with significant time and cost savings can be.

That was the reason why we started recording our Podcasts in the first place. We are living in a very turbulent time. Global economic factors such as inflation, recession, and energy crises make any business unpredictable overnight. In addition, talent shortages and raw material scarcity can make it very difficult to meet the demand for your products or services.

According to the Gartner CEO survey 2022, directors have been deprioritizing growth because of all the above mentioned factors. They need more talent and raw materials to make the supply meet the demand. As a result, the growth curve has dropped.
As Gartner predicts, technology is critical for solving this situation; it can
make businesses more effective and sustainable.

In addition, highly digital mature organizations expect 3 x more elevated revenue than low digital organizations. So tech matters more than ever.

In Western Europe, only 24% of workers say they have all the technology to work efficiently. So here lies a tremendous opportunity to make a difference.

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