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CNCF meetup with CodeNOW

April 19, 2024

As a silver member of the worldwide CNCF community,we are happy to announce that CodeNOW has been engaged locally in the CNCF meetups in Prague this year.

April Meetup will be in hybrid mode and all presentations will be in English. The on-site part will take place at the Prague office of CodeNow, Hvězdova 2a, Prague 4.
An online stream will be available for registered attendees on the Bevy platform. The processed stream will be published on the community YouTube channel.
Petr Svoboda, CEO of CodeNOW, will demonstrate the transformative potential of Domain-Driven Design (DDD), microservices, and platform engineering as powerful tools to bridge the divide between business leaders and IT assets.

Through a narrative of real experiences, discover how these methodologies can revitalize your IT strategy, enabling more dynamic business operations and creating space for addressing critical design and data challenges. This session is a must-attend for anyone looking to enhance their approach to software delivery and drive meaningful change within their organization.

Brief summary from the CNCF meetup:

Platform engineering meetup at Microsoft office 28th March, 2023 Prague
Link to video record

The panel discussion on platform engineering brought together four distinguished experts from the tech industry, each sharing their insights and experiences from their respective domains. The conversation delved into the evolving landscape of platform engineering, highlighting its critical role in enhancing developer productivity, ensuring robust security measures, and navigating the complexities of modern software development.

Introduction to Panelists and Their Perspectives

- Filip, Senior Softwaare Engineer, with his tenure at Microsoft, underscored the importance of building internal developer platforms that simplify operational complexities, allowing developers to focus on innovation and creativity

- Adam Skotnický, CEO and founder of Titan Cloud, traced the evolution of platform engineering from its roots in data center architecture to the forefront of cloud-native technologies, emphasizing the transformative impact of Kubernetes.

- Petr Svoboda,  CEO of CodeNOW, drawing from two decades of experience as an architect, highlighted the strategic significance of platform engineering in facilitating successful digital transformations across various industries.

- Zdenek Váňa, through his lens as a DevOps and Cloud team leader, offered practical insights into the day-to-day challenges of implementing platform engineering principles, stressing the importance of community engagement and open-source tools.

Key Discussion Themes

The dialogue covered a wide range of topics, each contributing to a multifaceted understanding of platform engineering:

1. Defining Platform Engineering: The panelists explored the essence of platform engineering, agreeing on its role in abstracting technical complexities and enabling developers to deliver high-quality software efficiently.

2. The Balancing Act: A significant portion of the discussion revolved around balancing the needs and expectations of developers with the operational demands of platform engineering, emphasizing the importance of proactive communication and alignment.

3. Security at the Forefront: Security emerged as a pivotal theme, with the panelists discussing strategies to embed security practices into the platform development lifecycle, from static and dynamic code analysis to container vulnerability scanning and runtime monitoring.

4. The Future of Platform Engineering: Looking ahead, the conversation touched on the potential of emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning to automate and optimize platform operations, underscoring the need for continuous innovation.

5. Challenges and Adaptability: The panelists reflected on the challenges posed by licensing changes in open-source tools, advocating for adaptability and the potential of community-driven forks to mitigate risks.

6. GitOps and Automation: The merits and challenges of adopting GitOps were debated, with viewpoints ranging from its potential to streamline operations to concerns over its complexity and implementation hurdles.

Concluding Thoughts

The panel discussion concluded with a consensus on the transformative potential of platform engineering, not only as a technical discipline but as a strategic asset that empowers developers and drives innovation. The insights shared by the panelists painted a comprehensive picture of platform engineering's current state and its promising future, highlighting the importance of adaptability, security, and community engagement in navigating the complexities of the field.

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