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Release Notes CodeNOW 6.5 - September 2021

Release notes
October 1, 2021

At-a-Glance, Application DORA Metrics. And Package Comparison & Creation upgrades.

The CodeNOW self-service portal progresses its design to connect users to daily metrics and key business indicators required for faultless cloud native operations; displayed at the application level. Identify bottlenecks and automate continuous improvement. Combined in this release are useful features to create and maintain application packages, that can be performed with ease. And new to CodeNOW is the MariaDB (MySQL) managed service and helm-generic scaffolders.

Redesign of application cards

CodeNOW’s application cards now display information on source code changes by contributors across components – changed lines and commits. And the application’s DORA metrics gathered on a daily basis

CodeNOW self-service portal application cards with key metrics including DORA

The following metrics are displayed at given levels: Deployment frequency, Lead time for changes, Change failure rate

CodeNOW self-service portal application cards with DORA metric levels

At a Glance.

Comparison of application packages

A truly useful feature for the comparison of two application packages.

The application packages comparison results available in CodeNOW

Create new application packages based on previous versions

An additional useful feature for maintaining application packages. Now users can use a previous version of an application package as a base to create a new package.

Create new application packages from the base of previous application packages in CodeNOW

Create new application packages and version level from previous application packages in CodeNOW

New managed service MariaDB

The popular MariaDB (MySQL) is now available as a CodeNow managed service. Version 10.5.12

New Component

Helm generic scaffolders

A new generic scaffolder type that supports cases where users need to deploy a service to their runtime without building it; enabling users to reuse containers as a service in their runtimes.

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