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Release Notes CodeNOW 6.2 – June 2021

Release notes
June 30, 2021

Self Service Portal Information Advancements

This release addresses the business needs for faster time-to-market and ease of use of the platform. With a new application components wizard, additional application resources history, and advancements to logging and tracing; all designed to quicken the access, display, and better understanding of applications’ and environments’ information and data.

Three-click wizard for creating new application components:

Setup is done directly from the Applications Detail > Create Component page.

1-2-3 clicks to complete.


Additional application resources history

The Packages and Deployment Configurations history can be accessed directly from their panels on the Application Detail page.


Extended information on environments

The Deployed Applications and Managed Services lists on the Environment’s detail page both have access to an increased range of information and functions.

Logging and Tracing

Options for logging

You can now switch between Swagger UI and Grafana with the added value of linking log data with tracing data to make your debugging and fixing easier.

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