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Release Notes CodeNOW 6.15 – October 2022

Release notes
October 16, 2022

Triggers for CI pipelines

The new version of CodeNOW brings a new capability for settings of triggers CI pipelines. You can easily set up a trigger on push events to your source code repositories and let CodeNOW automatically trigger your build pipeline and optionally deploy the result of the pipeline to any of your environments.

As the previous setting of the application component, this option is part of .codenow.yaml so if you prefer to maintain your setting through the git repository CodeNOW provides the option.

Link external GitHub repositories to CodeNow components

CodeNOW provides a new option for creating application components, and it is possible to use an external repository in your GitHub account. Now you can link your existing source code repository to the application component inside CodeNOW and maintain the life cycle for this code inside CodeNOW.

Support for Google Cloud Platform

CodeNOW supports a new IaaS provider, so from this release, you can choose managed Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform for hosting your cluster(s).

We are constantly striving to come up with practical innovations to make your experience in the CodeNOW platform a good one. We hope you enjoy the new features. In case you would like to know more information please contact our professionals.

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