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Mastering Cloud Application Development: Essential Insights and Strategies

May 2, 2023

This series of friendly conversations will arm you with the knowledge and insights needed to stay ahead of the curve.

With Artom Kuranov and his team of experts, you'll delve into the depths of cloud computing, exploring topics like monolithic to microservices transition, multicloud management, security, and more. CodeNOW is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the era of cloud computing. CodeNOW enables companies to harness the full potential of cloud technologies, ensuring they stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape

Do you want to know:  

What are the key aspects and considerations in cloud application development?

How can businesses effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities of building, deploying, and managing applications in the cloud?
Join us on this journey as we unravel the mysteries of cloud application development, one thought-provoking episode at a time.

Episode 1:
To move to the cloud - yes or no?
"Change is the only constant," said Heraclitus. Explore the when and why of moving to the cloud, and learn if it's the right choice for your business to grow and adapt in today's rapidly changing world.

Episode 2:
How to use the cloud effectively?
Discover how to harness the benefits of the cloud and why microservices are key to effective cloud application development.

Episode 3:
Is the cloud secure enough?
Dive into the nuances of cloud security and understand how to establish a chain of trust, implement zero knowledge architecture, and ensure your data remains secure.

Episode 4:
How to tame the multicloud dragon?
Learn how to choose the right cloud, manage differences between clouds, and avoid the pitfalls of vendor lock-in as you conquer the multicloud landscape.

Episode 5:
To build or not to build your own development platform?
Explore the challenges of cloud-native and microservice-based development, the 12 factors of cloud-native journey, and whether building your own development platform is the right choice for your organization.

Episode 6:
From monolithic development to microservices?
Uncover the challenges and considerations of transitioning from monolithic development to microservices, and how collaboration between developers, product owners, architects, and analysts can help bridge the gap between technology and business.

Episode 7:
Distraction from business value?
Learn the importance of focusing on business value and how custom development platforms can be a double-edged sword in the quest for better software delivery.

Embark on this enlightening journey with CodeNOW Talks and stay ahead in today's software development for the cloud. Listen to everything there is to know about 'creating heaven in the cloud' and unlock the true potential of your IT enterprise.

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