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Join CodeNow this summer to learn how to code, design, and build web apps.

San Francisco Bay Area
San Francisco Bay Area

Projected March 2019


Projected April 2019

New York
New York

Feb. 16th, 17th, Mar. 2nd, 3rd

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CodeNow Program & Tuition

We've transformed the CodeNow experience into a multi-level immersive program students participate in throughout their high school careers. For a limited time, the total program cost for CodeNow is discounted to $1000, scroll down to learn more about scholarship opportunities.

Here's what you get access to if you apply and are accepted:

Weekend Workshop
Online Courses (upon completion of the weekend workshop)
Hackathons (upon completion of online courses)
Summer Program (upon completion of at least one hackathon)
Skills You Will Learn in the Program
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We are committed to serving high school students from a variety of backgrounds, neighborhoods, and socioeconomic statuses. Our diversity and emphasis on working with others is what makes our program special.

Scholarship eligibility is based on the following household income scale:

CodeNow Scholarship Financial Aid Table

CodeNow awards a select number of scholarships based on demonstrated financial need. In order for us to maximize student opportunity, partial scholarship requests will increase the likelihood of being awarded one.

Program cost assistance must be applied for by the parent or guardian of the student. Eligibility is based on the completion of our scholarship application - which includes a video, picture, or letter from the student detailing their interest in joining the CodeNow program.

What CodeNow Alumni Are Saying About Their Experience

"CodeNow opened my eyes to different careers I can choose and how much work people put into video games and certain websites. Even for apps I use on my phone every day."

- Marzuka, CodeNow Alumni

"CodeNow has opened countless doors for me. It helped me solidify my career path. I became more sure of my ambitions in technology and learned to combine my love for CS and fashion!"

- Angela, CodeNow Alumni

"During the program, things were coming together and I was getting really excited about coding. I do not think I had much of a direction until CodeNow happened."

- Wilfried, CodeNow Alumni

"This was the most perfect introduction to coding. I really enjoyed meeting new people, and I also learned a lot about coding."

- Julie, CodeNow Alumni

"I really enjoyed the hands-­on work and how the trainers were always there to answer questions and help."

- Azim, CodeNow Alumni

"Before learning how to code, I felt very lost and really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. But now, I am confident in my choice to want to do Computer Science as a major for college."

- Marie, CodeNow Alumni

"I liked the hands­-on experience of coding with the guidance of people who code as their careers. I also liked being surrounded by people my age. We helped push each other learn to code and reach our goals."

- Arris, CodeNow Alumni

"I liked the different activities we worked on. It was cool to see all the different things code can do."

- Luis, CodeNow Alumni

"With this program, I was able to take a class that my parents most likely wouldn't have been able to pay for. Coding is a very important thing to learn, and this program will teach you things beyond what you thought you could do."

- Emily, CodeNow Alumni
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